WS 2000/2001 und SS 2001: student tutorials for phonetics and phonology

SS 2005: seminar „Epochenschwelle und Utopie: Thomas Mores Utopia (1516) und William Morris’ News from Nowhere (1890)“.

WS 2007/08: seminar „Classical Rome through Elizabethan Eyes: Shakespeare’s Roman Plays“.

SS 2008, and each semester since WS 2009/10: Introduction to Literary Studies

WS 2008/09: seminar „The Sonnet in English Literature“.

SS 2009: exam-prep course: „Britische Erzählliteratur des 20. Jahrhunderts“

seminar: „Late Victorian Mystery Fiction: Collins, Stevenson, Conan-Doyle“

since SS 2009 each semester: “Analysing English Grammar”; courses in English-German translation (all levels)

WS 2009/10: seminar: “Female Gothic: Anne Radcliffe and Mary Shelley”

SS 2010: seminars: “Shakespearean Tyrants: Macbeth and Richard III” and “Virginia Woolf“

WS 2010/11: exam-prep course: “Britische Erzählliteratur des 19. Jahrhunderts”

seminar: “Oscar Wilde”

SS 2011: seminars: “Forms and Functions of Early Modern Poetry” and “Exploring Victorian Poetry”

WS 2011/12: seminars: “Moments’ Monuments: The Sonnet in English Literature“ and “Possible Worlds: Utopian Fiction from More to Ishiguro”

SS 2012: seminar: “Fin de Siècle: British Fiction around 1900” and reading course: “Milton’s Paradise Lost, Text and Context”

WS 2012/13: seminar: “The Pre-Raphaelites”

methodology course: “Fictionality and Metafictionality from Past to Present”

SS 2013: reading course: “Shakespeare’s Roman Plays”

exam-prep course: “Britische Erzählliteratur des 19. Jahrhunderts”

WS 13/14: reading course: “Early Modern Poetry”

Seminar: “Varieties of History in Victorian Fiction”

SS 2014: reading course: “Reading Victorian Poetry”

seminar: “Yan Martel’s Life of Pi – An Intertextual Approach”

WS 14/15: methodology course: “Grundlagen der Romananalyse”

seminar: “The New World in Early Modern Literature”

SS 2015: seminars: “Virginia Woolf” and “The City in English Literature – Romanticism to Modernism”

WS 2015/16: reading course: “Reading Oscar Wilde”

seminar: “Miltons Paradise Lost und die Tradition des römischen Epos” (with Prof. Claudia Wiener)

SS 2016: seminar: “Forms and Functions of Religious Poetry, Renaissance to Present”

reading course: “Reading Virginia Woolf’s Orlando

WS 16/17: seminar: “Castaways in Literature from Shakespeare to Martel”

reading course: “Shakespeare’s Richard III, from Myth to Page and Stage”

SS 2017: seminar: “The Sister Arts: Poetry and Painting”

reading course: “The Sonnet in English Literature”

WS 2017/18: seminars: “Sensation and Sensibility: Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens” and “Rudyard Kipling”