Landeskunde Courses SoS 2010

Please note:

Registration for all the Landeskunde courses in the Grundstudium is now part of the online registration for the language courses (Wednesday April 14th, 12:00-18:00).

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Einführungskurse (Grundstudium)

A Do 14-16 (-17) Windeler
B Fr (9-) 10-12 Jacob-Flynn
C Mo 10-12 Weik-Price Multicultural Britain
D Mo 12-14 Hodges An Exploration of Native American Indians
E Di 14-16 Carty Ireland Then and Now
F Mi 14-16 Clemm The Commonwealth

Staatsexamen preparation (Hauptstudium)

Mo 16-18 Woodman
Do 14-16 Bollinger