Britain & America: a General Survey

These courses are broad-based and aim to provide students with the general background to the British and American Landeskunde they will need in the Hauptstudium. The LK Schein may be obtained in these courses, as well as in the courses of Weik-Price, Hodges, Carty and Clemm. As these courses are held in English, students normally profit more from taking them in their third or fourth semesters.

The courses also aim to give the students the opportunity to improve their oral competence and will be held as discussion groups. Each student will be required to prepare a paper and to act as group discussion leader on his or her topic. Students should be willing to familiarize themselves with the material on a weekly basis in order to be able to participate actively in the discussions which will take place in the core course times Course A: Do 14-16, Course B: Fr 10-12). The third hour (Course A: Do 16-17 and Course B: Fr 9-10) will be reserved for tutorials with the group discussion leaders.