Master English Studies

Entry Requirements

It is only possible to begin this Masters programme in the winter semester of each year.

Enrolment for the Masters in English Studies is dependent on successful completion of a selection procedure. Only after successful completion of the selection procedure is it possible for candidates to take the next step and enrol for the Masters programme in English Studies. The basic prerequisite for admission to the selection procedure is a first degree in English Studies with a final grade of 2.5 (good) or above (or the equivalent thereof). The master's study programme presupposes academic knowledge and methodological skills on the level of a finished BA in English Literary and Cultural Studies and/or in English Linguistics; for the selection of modules in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, comparable previous knowledge of this subject area is required; however, the MA programme requires all students to take at least some classes in English Literary and Cultural Studies and/or in English Linguistics, so that a background in English Language Teaching only may not be sufficient.

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Outline of the programme

The Masters in English Studies is a four-semester programme delivered in the English language. Courses are offered in Linguistics (synchronic and diachronic), Literary and Cultural Studies and in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). In addition, the opportunity is given to further improve students’ usage of the English language.

The Masters programme in English studies provides 120 credit points in total which means that there is no minor subject in addition.

Within the framework of the Masters programme it is possible to choose modules in such a way that you cover all disciplines in English Studies, specialising only in the fourth semester through the choice of your thesis topic. On the other hand, the study plan/curriculum also allows students the option of choosing all their modules from either Linguistics (synchronic and/or diachronic) or Literary Studies, thus specialising in one of these disciplines from the very beginning. It is also possible to opt for classes in the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). However, a full focus on TELF only is not possible - a combination with modules from one or both of the other disciplines (English Literary and Cultural Studies and/or in English Linguistics) is essentially required.

Students who wish to broaden their scope even further can opt, in their second and third semesters, for profile modules in the section Gemeinsamen Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaftlichen Profilbereich (joint section for humanities and social sciences). This provides them with access to a wide range of further subjects on offer at the LMU.

The curriculum also includes a compulsory stay abroad in an English-speaking country.

The exact structure of the individual modules is described in the checklist, based on the Prüfungs- und Studienordnung (2017; publ. 1st June 2018).

 If you have general questions about the Masters programme, please contact Dr. Falkner or Dr. Günther. If you have any questions related to the selection procedure for the Masters programme in English Studies, please write to