Fresh from the printers: Author Fictions - Narrative Representations of Literary Authorship since 1800


Ingo Berensmeyer (2023). Author Fictions: Narrative Representations of Literary Authorship since 1800. Berlin: De Gruyter.


Author Fictions is a wide-ranging and systematic study of how literature makes authors. It explores European and North American narrative texts that feature writers as characters. Combining approaches from narrative theory and literary sociology, the book unfolds a literary history of literary authorship from the early nineteenth century to the present, covering a broad array of genres from the bildungsroman to horror fiction, romance, and autofiction. Identifying 'author fictions' as narratives that address the fragile material conditions of literary creation in the actual and symbolic economies of production, Ingo Berensmeyer explores how these texts elaborate and manipulate concepts and models of authorship.