Fresh from the printers: Travelling Texts - Texts Travelling


Renate Bauer, Christine Elsweiler, Ulrike Krische & Kerstin Majewski (eds.) (2023). Travelling Texts – Texts Travelling. A Gedenkschrift in Memory of Hans SauerMünchen: Utz.

fresh_bauerThis Gedenkschrift celebrates the memory of Professor Hans Sauer and his passion for travelling. The contributions in this volume explore different kinds of textual and temporal travels from various linguistic, literary, and philological perspectives.

With contributions by:

Alfred Bammesberger, Peter Bierbaumer, Brigitte Bulitta, Margaret Connolly, Hedwig Gwosdek, Felix Hausleitner, Michael W. Herren, Joyce Hill, Judith Huber, Kousuke Kaita, Monika Kirner-Ludwig, Patrizia Lendinara, Ursula Lenker, Kerstin Majewski, Manfred Markus, William Marx, Helge Nowak, Michiko Ogura, Elisabeth Reber, Elke Ronneberger-Sibold, Winfried Rudolf, Oliver M. Traxel, Gaby Waxenberger, Gernot Wieland