• DFG Projekt: Incipient diffusion of lexical innovations (start: 1 January 2016)

Laufende Promotionen:

  1. HATE-words and their metaphorical and metonymic conceptualizations from Anglo-Saxon to Present-Day English (Julia Beiersdorfer)
  2. Humor and language-mixing in advertising slogans. A study on recall and retention (Kerstin Fuhrich)
  3. Triconstituent English noun compounds (Elisabeth Huber)
  4. Caused-motion constructions in French-German bilingual children (Katharina Scholtz)

Abgeschlossene Promotionen:

  1. The conventionality of figurative language. A usage-based study (Dr. Sandra Handl, January 2008)
  2. Cognitive Metaphors in Political Discourse in Malta. Malta and the Case of EU-Membership Debate (Dr. Monica Petrica, January 2011)
  3. The historical development of shell nouns. A diachronic study of abstract noun constructions in English (Dr. Anette Mantlik, January 2012)
  4. The role of frequency in children’s learning of morphological constructions (Dr. Anne-Kristin Cordes, April 2012)
  5. A Web of New Words: On the Conventionalization of English Neologisms (Dr. Daphné Kerremans, July 2012)
  6. "More than meats the eye": The reception of phraseological substitutions in newspaper headlines (Dr. Sylvia Jaki, January 2013)
  7. Why We Don't Cardrive or Bookread, but Slavedrive and Lipread. A Cognitive-Linguistic Appraoch to Verbal Compounds and Pseudo-Compounds (Dr. Angela Lamberty, January 2013)
  8. “I am my own worst enemy.“ A linguistic analysis of interactive dynamics of relational patterns in business coaching conversations (Dr. Angelika Behn-Taran, July 2014)
  9. Form, Meaning and Cognition. Language- and speaker-specific variation in linguistic and non-linguistic forms of interaction with spatial scenes (Dr. Franziska Günther, July 2014)
  10. Cognitive Lexicography. A new approach to lexicography making use of cognitive semantics. (Dr. Carolin Ostermann, July 2014)
  11. The entrenchment and conventionalization of linguistic knowledge. A neurolinguistic perspective. (Dr. des Yu-Chun Chang, June 2016)
  12. The structure of frames. An empirical investigation into the nature of conceptual knowledge. (Dr des. Stephanie Gerdeißen, July 2016)