Betreute Dissertationen und Habilitationen

Laufende Dissertationen


  • Späth, Constanze: "The Old English Gloss to Defensor´s Liber Scintillarum".
  • Harthan, Carolin: "Adverbial Placement in English".
  • Berkl-Horn, Annette: „Lateinisch-englische und englisch-lateinische Lexikographie im England des 15. Jahrhunderts“.


  • Majewski, Kerstin: The Ruthwell Cross - an Edition and Reconstruction of the Missing Text".
  • Simon, Philipp: "The Runic Inscription in the Kleines Schulerloch, Germany: authentic or forged?".
  • Loher, Martin: “Runic inscriptions on Old English coins”.


  • Schwan, Birgit: "The Battle of Maldon and its Modern Translations".
  • Sprau, Melanie: “Binomials in Sir Thomas Elyots The Book of the Governor”.
  • Konrad, Marie-Isabelle: “Der Wortschatz von A Fifteenth-Century List of the Names of Thousand Hunting Hounds”.

Abgeschlossene Dissertationen

  • Aschenbrenner, Anne: Adjectives as nouns, mainly as attested in ‘Boethius’ translations from Old to Modern English and in Modern German: completed 2013 (LMU); published: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften 47; now also: English and Beyond 1 (Munich: Herbert Utz, 2014).
  • Bauer, Renate: Adversus Judeos: Juden und Judentum im Spiegel alt- und mittelenglischer Texte: completed 2003 (LMU); published: TUEPh 29 (Frankfurt am Main: Lang, 2003) [The image of the Jews in Old and Middle English literature].
  • Biessenberger, Niklas: „Runes in Old English manuscripts“.
  • Gärtner, Susanne: “Dialogues with the Old English Soliloquies”; completed 2012.
  • Galler, Matthias: ‘O Death, Thou Comest When I Had Thee Least in Mind!’: Der Umgang mit dem Tod in der mittelenglischen Literatur: completed 2006 (LMU); published: TUEPh 34 (Frankfurt am Main: Lang, 2007) [The treatment of death in Middle English literature].
  • Gieszinger, Sabine: The History of Advertising Language: The Advertisements in ‘The Times’ from 1788 to 1996: completed 2000 (TU Dresden); published: TUEPh 23 (Frankfurt am Main: Lang, 2001).
  • Hauf, Christoph: "Verbs of Speaking in the History of English".
  • Heimerl, Christian (editor): The Middle English Version of William of Saliceto’s ‘Anatomia’ …with a Parallel Text of the Medieval Latin ‘Anatomia’: completed 2006 (LMU); published: MET 39 (Heidelberg: Winter, 2008).
  • Huber, Judith: "Motion and the English Verb. A Diachronic Study"; completed Summer 2013.
  • Huber, Sophia: “African American Vernacular English as a Literary Dialect: A Linguistic Approach”; completed 2016.
  • Hubner, Julia Sofia: “Marlowe, Shakespeare, Jonson and Their Use of Compounds”.
  • Kaita, Kousuke: Modal Auxiliaries from Late Old to Early Middle English, with special reference to ‘agan’, ‘sculan’, and ‘motan’: completed 2012 (LMU; co-supervisor: Prof. Michiko Ogura, Tokyo); published: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften 48; now also: English and Beyond 2 (Munich: Herbert Utz, 2014). Has been awarded the Matsunami Prize of The Japan Society for Medieval English Studies (JSMES) for 2015.
  • Kirner-Ludwig, Monika: “Heathens, pagans, misbelievers: A lexico-semantic field study and its historio-pragmatic reflections in texts from the English Middle Ages”; completed 2013 (LMU); published: Britannica et Americana 3. Folge, Band 31 (Heidelberg: Winter, 2015).
  • Krischke, Ulrike: “The Old English Complex Plant Names: A Linguistic Survey and a Catalogue”; completed 2010 (LMU); published: TUEPh 39 (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2013).
  • Kubaschewski, Elisabeth: “William Caxton’s Ovid: A Critical Edition of Book VI, including its Middle French Source Text and a Linguistic Analysis”; completed 2015; to be published: MET 54 (Heidelberg: Winter, 2017).
  • Lamb, Claudia: Die Authorized Version of the Bible (1611) und ihre Sprache: completed 2010 (LMU); published: AF 435 (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2013). [The language of the Authorized Version of the Bible = King James Bible, 1611].
  • Mager, Wolfgang (editor): The Middle English Text of Caxton’s Ovid, Books II-III, … with a Parallel Text of The Ovide moralisé en prose II, …: completed 2009 (LMU); published: MET 53 (Heidelberg: Winter, 2016).
  • Mertens, Andre: “Old English Lives of St Martin of Tours: Introduction, Edition and Commentary”; completed 2016.
  • Piller, Ingrid: American Automobile Names: completed 1995 (TU Dresden); published: Dresdner Arbeiten zur Anglistik und Amerikanistik 2 (Essen: Die Blaue Eule, 1996).
  • Roschdi, Livia: “Runes from the Migration Period and Beyond: Linguistic and Archaeological Explorations of the Frisian Runic Corpus. An Edition."
  • Rumrich, Diana (editor): The Middle English Text of Caxton’s Ovid, Book I, …, with a Parallel Text of The Ovide moralisé en prose II,…: completed 2006 (LMU); published: MET 43 (Heidelberg: Winter, 2011).
  • Shafii, Somayeh; "A Comparative Study of Attar's Conference of Birds and Middle English Poetry; especially The Owl and Nightingale, Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales and The Parliament of Fowls".
  • Simmelbauer, Andrea: The Dialect of Northumberland: A Lexical Investigation: completed 1998 (TU Dresden); published: AF 275 (Heidelberg: Winter, 2000).
  • Skiba, Michael : "Participle-based prepositions in the history of English".
  • Sutor, Maria: “Non-native Speech in English Literature”; completed 2013 (LMU); published: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften 51; now also: English and Beyond 3 (Munich: Herbert Utz, 2015).
  • Traidl, Veronika: Telling Tales about Beowulf: The Poem and the Films; completed 2014; published: English and Beyond 4 (Munich: Utz, 2016).


Betreute Habilitationen


  • Waxenberger, Gaby: “Towards a Phonology of the Old English Runic Inscriptions and an Analysis of the Graphemes” (completed 2010).
  • Gwosdek, “Hedwig: Lily’s Grammar of Latin in English: An Introduction of the Eyght Partes of Speche, and the Construction of the Same, edited and introduced by Hedwig Gwosdek” (completed 2009; published 2013, Oxford University Press).
  • Lenker, Ursula: “Argument and Rhetoric: Adverbial Connectors in the History of English” (completed 2007; published 2010).
  • Also responsible for the “Habilitation” of: Gretsch, Mechthild and Jehle, Günter.