Incoming students

Department of English - LMU Munich

Basic information for incoming exchange students


In addition to registering with the university as such via the International Office/Auslandsamt, students wishing to take English language, linguistics  or literature courses must register for individual courses as follows:

  • Registration is via LSF; for registration, please contact the study manager (Dr. Quadflieg) during her office hours ( ) as soon as you have received your LMU student ID and activated your "CampusKennung".


Please note: We have now introduced a special section "Erasmus students" in the Englische Philologie section of the Vorlesungsverzeichnis. We do NOT offer classes specially designed for Erasmus students; the classes listed here are all of those classes from our regular course catalogue which are open to Erasmus students.
The list also provides short descriptons of each class ("Kommentar").  


ALL of the classes offered by the English Dpt are open only for students who are doing English Linguistcs and/or English literature at their home universities. This includes all the language classes offered by the English Dpt..
If this does not apply to you, please use the language classes offered by the LMU's Sprachenzentrum (



  • The number of ECTS points which can be awarded can be seen in the titles of the various subsections. The full amount of ECTS credits can only  be awarded for successfully completed courses (providing you fulfill all the requirements as described by the individual lecturer):
  • Students from countries with a different semester system should clarify in advance potential attendance problems resulting from incompatible term dates!