Master English Studies: Selection procedure

German version

Currently the selection procedure is as follows.
Please watch this site for possible changes in the course of the next few months.

In order to enrol for the Masters Programme in English Studies at the LMU it is necessary to have successfully completed the selection procedure. The basic admission prerequisite is a grade of at least 2.5, or an international grade equivalent thereof, in a previous university degree (e.g. Bachelor) in English Studies.

You do not have to provide formal evidence of knowledge of German, but please be aware that you will need sound knowledge of German in order to find your way around our university and about town.

The application deadline for the winter semester 2019/20 is 15 July 2019, for the summer semester 2020 (only for applicants transferring from other universities who have already accrued recognised credits for the Masters programme) it will be 15 January 2020.

1. Procedure:

The initial prerequisite in the selection procedure is the final grade of your first degree. As long as this is 2.5 or better (or the equivalent thereof), you will be admitted to a 30-minute written proficiency test (C-Test). This consists of several authentic texts in which half of every second word has been removed and needs to be reconstructed by the candidate (Demo version - NB: it is not necessary to register on the Uni Münster homepage to do the demo version; simply click on weiter (continue) on the first page). The selection committee applies the results of the written proficiency test as follows:

  • 77 to 100 points: candidate is accepted for the Masters programme in English Studies;
  • 65 to 76 points: candidate is invited to a selection interview;
  • fewer than 65 points: candidate is not accepted to the Masters programme in English Studies.

The selection interview is held by members of the selection committee and lasts approximately 15 minutes per person.

The result of the selection procedure will be communicated to applicants in writing.

Unfortunately we cannot recognize any alternative language proficiency qualifications as a substitute for the C-test.

The C-test for the winter semester 2019/20 will be on Wednesday morning 31 July 2019, 9.00 a.m., Multimedialabor, room 420a, Schellingstraße 3 VG.

NB: although the actual test only takes 30 minutes, it may be helpful to plan in some waiting time in case there is a large number of candidates.

Candidates who register for a C-test and do not turn up for the test at the stipulated date/time are deemed "not suitable" and are therefore not accepted for the Masters programme in English Studies.

Candidates who can convince the selection committee in writing that they are unable to attend the test for reasons beyond their control, will be given an alternative date. NB: this written notification must be submitted BEFORE the actual test date.

The result of the written proficiency test (C-test) will be published soon afterwards on a notice board (the exact time and place of publication will be given at the test). From this notice candidates will be able to see whether or not they are to be invited for a selection interview.

Prospective dates for future semesters will be announced here towards the end of 2019.


Candidates who are not successful in the selection procedure are allowed to repeat their application one more time at the next possible date, one year later (application deadline 15 July). A further repetition is not possible. Candidates who choose to repeat their application should note that a complete application needs to be submitted again by the stipulated deadline.

2. Application:

Applications for admission to the selection procedure for the Masters programme in English Studies should be submitted by 15 July (for enrolment in the following winter semester). In exceptional cases (i.e. students who have already completed one (or more) semesters of a Masters programme at other universities) candidates can also apply for enrolment in the summer semester in which case the application deadline is 15 January. Applications should be addressed to:

Institut für Englische Philologie, Master-Eignungsverfahren
Department für Anglistik und Amerikanistik
Schellingstr. 3
80799 München

The application should include the following:

  • a letter applying to be admitted to the selection procedure, including your name, date of birth, postal address, telephone number and email address: form (letter format) (PDF, 78 kB)
  • a curriculum vitae in tabular format
  • an authenticated copy of your first academic degree (if necessary with an official translation)
  • alternatively, if your first degree is not yet completed, an authenticated list of your credits to date (Transcript of Records), if necessary with an official translation
  • a stamped addressed envelope (with sufficient postage) DIN A6 or long DIN format, in which we will send you the result of the selection procedure. For addresses outside Germany an international reply coupon (Coupon-Réponse International) must be enclosed.

All candidates who submit complete applications by the stipulated deadline, who fulfill the prerequisite of a first degree in English Studies with a grade of 2.5 or above and who have not had any information from us to the contrary can take part in the written language proficiency test (C-test). There are no individual invitations to participate in this test.

If you already took part in the C-test as part of your application for your first degree, then please let us know in your application package.

Documents submitted with your application can be returned to you within one year from November onward (application for a winter semester) or from May onward (application for a summer semester) - please contact Dr Ruge.

3. Please note:

The selection procedure is merely a requirement for registration at the LMU. For this reason no further documentation (e.g. certificate of exmatriculation, health insurance certificates) is needed at this stage. The recognition of credits from a Masters programme in English Studies at a different university is not part of the selection procedure. This is done on an individual basis.

In addition to the successful completion of this selection procedure, the usual further requirements apply in order to be able to register for studies at this university (e.g. the legal adequacy of your first degree). This means that a positive result in our selection procedure does not automatically guarantee you a place at the LMU. For information on further requirements please contact the LMU International Office (international students) or Student Office (Studentenkanzlei, German students).

Important note for international students:

International students also need to apply to the LMU International Office (Referat für Internationale Angelegenheiten). All the steps required for international students are described in the leaflet provided by the International Office. Please be aware that the English Department's selection procedure described above refers to steps 1 and 4 only.
In order to be allowed to register at the LMU for the MA English Studies programme (step 5), therefore, you need to have two letters of acceptance: the letter of acceptance from the International Office (steps 2 and 3) PLUS the letter of acceptance issued by the English Department (steps 1 and 4).

Please be aware that there are deadlines for each of these steps; the pertinent deadlines for these steps can be found on the website of the International Office and of the English Department respectively.

4. Contact:

If you have any questions related to the selection procedure for the Masters programme in English Studies, please contact or Dr. Enno Ruge. If you have general questions about the Masters programme, please contact Dr. Helga Quadflieg.

5. Legal basis of the selection procedure:

The legal basis for the selection procedure is the statute concerning the Eignungsverfahren für den Masterstudiengang English Studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München of 15 May 2012.

6. Data protection regulations (PDF, 65 kB)