Symposium "The Unknown 1922"


The Unknown 1922: Literary Explorations Beyond Modernism

This international two-day symposium (March 17-18, 2022) will focus on less well-known, neglected or forgotten texts published in 1922. While 1922 is famous for Ulysses, The Waste Land, and Jacob’s Room, there is also another side to the literature of this year beyond modernist experimentalism. More than 10,000 titles were published in the UK in 1922 in all kinds of genres. With generous support from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, the symposium will discuss a small sample of these and discover hidden connections between modernist, ‘middlebrow’ and popular literature from this remarkable year. Due to the pandemic, this symposium is unfortunately not open to the public. The organizers, Prof. Berensmeyer (LMU) and Prof. Birke (Innsbruck), are planning to publish a volume based on the symposium in 2023. More information on the website: