Book project "Entrenchment, memory and automaticity"

Editor: Hans-Jörg Schmid, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Germany. (

Publisher: American Psychology and Association and Walter de Gruyter

Part I: Setting the scene

1. A framework for understanding linguistic entrenchment and its psychological foundations (Hans-Jörg Schmid, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich)

Part II: Linguistic perspectives on entrenchment

2. Entrenchment in Cognitive Grammar (Ronald Langacker, UCSD)
3. Entrenchment in Construction Grammar (Martin Hilpert, University of Neuchâtel, and Holger Diessel, Jena University)
4. Entrenchment effects in language change (Hendrik de Smet, Catholic University Leuven)
5. The corpus-based perspective on entrenchment (Anatol Stefanowitsch and Susanne Flach, Free University Berlin)
6. Entrenchment as onomasiological salience (Dirk Geeraerts, Catholic University Leuven)
7. Entrenchment from a psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic perspective (Alice Blumenthal-Dramé, Freiburg University)

Part III: Cognitive foundations of linguistic entrenchment processes

8. Memory consolidation (Atsuko Takashima and Iske Bakker, Radboud University, Nijmegen)
9. On the automaticity of language processing (Robert Hartsuiker and Agnes Moors, Ghent University)
10. The role of analogy, categorization, and generalization in entrenchment (Anne-Kristin Cordes, Oldenburg University)
11. Entrenchment, Gestalt-formation and chunking (Fernand Gobet, Liverpool University)
12. Salience, attention and perception (Franziska Günther, Herrmann Müller and Thomas Geyer, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich)

Part IV: Entrenchment in life-long language learning and language attrition

13. Entrenchment in first-language learning (Anna Theakston, Manchester University)
14. Entrenchment in second language learning (Brian MacWhinney, Carnegie Mellon University)
15. Statistical learning in language and non-linguistic cognition (Ethan Jost and Morten H. Christiansen, Cornell University)
16. Entrenchment and language attrition (Rasmus Steinkraus and Monika S. Schmid, University of Essex)

Part V: Deconstructing entrenchment

17. Entrenchment, embeddedness and entanglement: A dynamic complexity view (Philip Herdina, Innsbruck University)
18. Entrenchment: A view from radical embodied cognitive science (Stephen Cowley, University of Southern Denmark)

Part VI: Synopsis

19. Entrenchment between linguistics and psychology (Hans-Jörg Schmid, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich)