Intercultural Project: FAQs

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Q. How do I register for the Intercultural Project?

A. Try to go along to the first session of one of the weekly times allotted to the ICP in the Stufenplan for the semester before you wish to go away. You can register in that first week, however it is possible to register later in the term if you suddenly get an unexpected opportunity to go abroad.

Q: What is the aim of the project?

A: The aim of this project is to develop students’ intercultural competence (including language skills). Students are required to integrate into the culture of an English-speaking country for a minimum of 8 weeks and to reflect on their experience in the form of a piece of project work.

Q: When do I have to do the project?

A: The project can be done at any time during the course of your studies.

Q: What about payment, accommodation, etc.?

A: This differs from project to project. It is much easier to find work if you do not need to earn a lot of money. Usually though, you would be given a minimum of board and lodgings in return for your work. Many students rent out their Munich accommodation for 2 months to help with the financial situation. Some financial help is sometimes available via The International Office.

Q: Where can I find out how to apply for a job in English?

A: Jobline LMU offers both online training and courses that help you with all main aspects of job applications in English - information about work options for students in English-speaking countries, tips for your job search, how to write effective applications, interview training, telephoning in English and extensive resources. Find out more on the Jobline LMU website.

Q: What are the requirements for the project?

A: Criteria of what a project needs to involve:

  • a minimum of eight weeks in a country where English is spoken as a native language.
  • during that time students need to be in very close contact with native speakers - preferably working and/or living with them.
  • the stay should not involve too much travelling as this could reduce the ‘depth of contact’ with the culture and turn the stay into an extended holiday.
  • the project should not involve several German students all working together as this would reduce the impact of the intercultural experience.

Q: Should I do the online cultural studies 2 course before or after the ICP?

A. We recommend students do the culturla studies 2 course before the stay abroad but this order is not compulsory.

Q. How do I find a project?

A. There are various ways to approach this task:

  • follow up personal contacts, (eg. friends, family or business contacts in English-speaking countries who might be able to help with finding work)
  • use job search database on our Moodle site to research what previous students have done
  • come to the tutors’ office hours NB. there are special office hours for the Intercultural Project
  • Consult the Student -und Arbeitsmarkt website

Q: What are the skills the students should acquire in the project?

A: The project itself should make transparent the extent to which students have acquired:

  • an attitude conducive to intercultural competence (curiosity, openness and the readiness to suspend disbelief about other cultures and belief about their own).
  • knowledge of social groups and their products and practices in the target culture and of the general processes of societal and individual interaction (history, conventions of communication (pragmatics), geography, customs, politics (both in parliament and in the pub), family relationships, social distinctions) - all by first hand experience.
  • skills of interpreting and relating (ability to interpret a document or event from another culture, to explain it and relate it to documents or events from their own culture).
  • skills of discovery and interaction (ability to acquire new knowledge of a culture and cultural practices and the ability to operate knowledge, attitudes and skills under the constraints of real-time communication and interaction).

Q. How do I get Beurlaubung?

A. Bring written confirmation of your planned project to your tutor, who will then give you the necessary documentation for the Studentenkanzlei.
Intercultural Project students can get their confirmation for their Beurlaubung from Christopher Thomas, Heather Weik-Price or Gill Woodman. Students planning to go away for more than six months should get their confirmation from Dr Falkner (Fachstudienberatung).
You will also have to fill in a form from the Studentenkanzlei and check the deadlines: (Studentenkanzlei: Beurlaubung).


Q. Are there any exemptions from the project?

A. The following can be considered to be reasons for exemption:

  • if you started your English studies  before WS2001/02
  • if you spent six months or more working or studying in an English-speaking country after Abitur (please note that documentation is needed)
  • if you spent one semester (with at least 14 teaching weeks) studying in an English-speaking country after Abitur (please note that documentation is needed)

Q: What about the reports and documentation of the project?

A: Students will be required to hand in:

  • a 'testimonial' from a person with whom they had close contact during their stay in the culture
  • a reflective report (10-15 pages)
  • a grade registration request form

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