Intercultural Project: Examples

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Many different approaches to the Intercultural Project are possible. The following list contains a few examples

Good examples

  • Julia has a friend who has worked in a café in Brighton in the summer. She gets the address of the manager writes to him to ask for holiday work and gets the job. The manager organises for her to lodge with another employee in the café.
  • Gordana did a school exchange to England for a week when doing her Abitur - she writes to this person to see if any voluntary work is available in her university holidays. Her friends find her work helping in an old people’s day centre – they let her live with them for the eight weeks she is there.
  • Kathrin has friends in America who have found her some work helping out with German teaching in a university. She helps her organise the necessary papers to be able to work there.
  • Claudia has found a way of working in New Zealand via the Bundesanstalt für Arbeit, Zentralstelle für Arbeitsvermittlung.
  • Judith has used a Munich-based agency to find her work in London. She has to pay a fee for the service but then has a small wage for her work in London.
  • Maika has found a short-term au pair job on the internet.
  • Alexandra’s ‘Lektor’ has a brother who is a farmer in Cumbria. The ‘Lektor’ arranges for her to stay on the farm for eight weeks and do odd jobs to help in return for free board and lodgings.
  • Andreas has really good computer skills. His uncle has a contact in England who is starting a small business and needs a web site - they arrange for Andreas to help set up the computer system in exchange for free board and lodgings for eight weeks.

Unacceptable examples

  • Julia has a German aunt who is on a short-term project in Oxford. She goes to stay with her for 8 weeks.
  • Julia is planning an eight-week backpacking tour of Britain with some fellow students.
  • Franz spends the first 6 weeks of his stay wwoofing in Swansea. His partner joins him for the remaining 2 weeks and they travel around together.
  • Susi and Peter are in love and inseparable. They decide to spend the whole of the ICP together. They have different jobs but share a flat.